The Poetry Rooms

There is a place where a slow running brook does exist and mountain music fills the air and soul.  Where peace within, with Bride and Groom and all creation rests.  Here you will read of that I've found when we gathered in the mountains.   A story that I have cherished dearly, one that will carry me through the rest of my Life's Journey . . .

Lakota Serenade

The Next Generation

It is for the children and theirs to come that I write.  Locating, Creating and Sharing whatever it may be to leave behind a memory, a note worthy gift, a tool to help you with the years ahead. That I may rest with a peace of mind, that you knew how much I loved you.

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Photojournalism of Our Animal Kingdom

This is "Father of the Field". . . More than just a photo, a story or a poem, he is the Voice & Song of my animal kingdom imagery.

Creation has a voice and I love to hear it sing.   More photos from my previous "www.Knight of Light Gallery .com" will soon be linked to this site.

Father of the Field

My Gift of Words


Not about Sales & Services . . .

This Site is just getting started as I prepare for our 2020 Grand Opening.   The site is destine to be a great place to visit, to see and hear some real history with heart warming images, stories and poetic harmonies.  

As a Photojournalist of life, my Gallery will host hundreds of images for your viewing along with other Associated Sites in the Knight of Light Production series.

The goal at "My Gift of Words" is to provide a Grand Site worth visiting for all age groups in your family.   

The Next Generation

The idea of "Selling" my work does not seem as Charitable as I desire.  So, your Contribution to help me remain as a provider, no matter how small is Highly Appreciated.

Thank You.

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